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Objectives: Assess and document musculoskeletal function; treat according to indicators assessed and modify using EMG feedback as a guide. Monitor and document progress. Justify need for continuing therapy.

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The EMS-85 was specifically designed to provide today's clinician with an objective method for understanding the patient's muscle problem and its solution.

It presents two decades of biomedical design & engineering into the combined study and application of muscle feedback and micro-current muscle stimulation for the assessment, documentation and treatment of Pain & Dysfunction.

To accomplish this, the EMS-85 is constructed to allow the clinician to detect and study the surface EMG activity of two muscle sites of choice before and after micro-current muscle stimulation. By this means, the clinician has a greatly expanded capability to assess the injury and then treat it while monitoring muscle changes overtime- a process very important to the development of protocol utilization and its justification for continuation of therapy.

The EMS-85 is an advanced instrument using microprocessor controlled technology to improve performance. All major functions are automated to enhance the effectiveness of the therapy.

The EMS-85 comes with a complete accessory package for muscle stimulation and sEMG monitoring. The EMS-85's electronics are built into a functional aluminum style suitcase (airplane carry on size) in order to maximize portability for quick setup and breakdown. The EMS-85 is the ideal instrument to assist the clinician in meeting guidelines for documentation of therapeutic results, but most importantly, the EMS-85 is a remarkable technology designed to help the clinician to provide the very best therapeutics their patient's deserve.

EMS-85P Specifications

Micro-current Muscle Stimulator with Dual-input surface Electromyography

Muscle Stimulator:

  • Complex Wave Form at AC Setting, DC pulse train at Positive or Negative setting Pulse Width at AC setting: Modulating envelope - 4 second period full envelope Raise time 300 mSec., Fall time 300 mSec. Carrier wave - 50% duty cycle Voltage - Variable 1 to 60 Volt peak to peak 
  • Pulse width at DC Setting: Pulse train - 50% duty cycle square wave. Raise time 300 mSec., Fall Time 300 mSec. 2 second period envelope Voltage - Variable 1 to 30 Volts 
  • Frequency Selections- 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 & 100 Hz. 
  • Intensity Selections- 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 & 600 uA RMS 
  • Auto Timer Selections- 6, 8, 12, 1 6, 30 sec. & Continuous. 
  • Electrode Outputs- two sets of output (1 auto start pair and 1 remote pair) 
  • Manual Cycle Start Switch - activated from main panel or trigger electrode 
  • LCD Display Meter- current stimulation level indicator 
  • Audio Select - monitors frequency or intensity

EMG Mode:

  • Single channel sEMG with Switch selectable Dual-Input 
  • Gain - Three Ranges 0-10 uVolts, 1-100 uVolts Absolute and Uncalibrated 
  • Amplifier characteristic: Type differential Input Impedance- Differential impedance = 1 Megohm Common mode impedance = 1000 Megohms Common Mode Rejection Ratio = One Million to One Passband - 70 to 500 Hz, Butterworth Response -3db, roll-off 12db per Octave Internal Noise- less than 0.3 uV RMS with 20,000 ohm source impedance. Minimum Detectable Signal- less than 1 uV Filter- 6OHz Notch Filter 
  • Visual - LCD uVolt Level Indicator 
  • Audio Feedback - Continuous - 1500 Hz Corresponds to full scale deflection Speaker or headphone for feedback training Volume Control 
  • Dual Input Selector 
  • Time Delay- three settings (Normal/Real Time 0.20 sec. and 0.90 sec. delay) 
  • Direct resistance Electrode Test- 0 to 100 kohm with LCD readout and electrode pair select (Ground to Right; Ground to Left; Left to Right) 
  • Power Source: 24 VDC fully rechargeable lead acid batteries Power module for wall plug-in 
  • Dimensions: 16" deep x 8" high x 20" wide Net Weight: 22 pounds 
  • Haliburton Aluminum Suitcase with removable vinyl electrode liner 

Standard Accessories:

  • Muscle Stimulation Electrodes: Trigger probe, Non-trigger probe, Y-probe with two pairs of tips (short/long), Grand Ball trigger probe, Interface cylinder, Hand-held bar, Large footplate, Standard set of ball tips, Coil Cords, Conductive creme. 
  • EMG Electrodes: Snap electrode assembly; Headband (shielded), Placement electrode assembly, Conductive gel, Velcro kit, Pack of adhesive collars, Charger Module, Manual. 

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